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Dianthus barbatus 'Sooty' Dianthus barbatus 'Sooty'

Bushy short-lived evergreen perennial (often grown as a biennial) . Flowers late Spring and early Summer perhaps 40cms tall stems with terminal flat heads of darkest red sweet smelling flowers.


Dietes bicolor Dietes bicolor
An evergreen, rhizomatous perennial, up to 90cm tall, with pale green, leathery, narrowly-sword-shaped leaves and iris-like flowers, pale yellow with three dark brown blotches, produced in spring and summer.

African iris. Plants prefer dappled-shade to full sun where they will flower in profusion, but those of us with gardens in less gentle climates have to grow our Dietes in containers.

Dietes grandiflora Dietes grandiflora
An evergreen perennial with clumps of upright, narrow leaves. The flowers are somewhat iris-like, to 10cm across, with broad white "falls" with a stripe of rich yellow near the base, and erect violet-blue "standards". Blooms may last several days, and may be produced in flushes, every few weeks, throughout summer.

Fairy iris. Plants prefer dappled shade to full sun where they will flower in profusion. Blooms may last several days, and may be produced in flushes, every few weeks, throughout summer. Hardiness - to be determined.

Disporopsis pernyi Disporopsis pernyi
An evergreen perennial with glossy dark green leaves and lemon-scented white flowers with reflexed green tips, on slightly arching leafy stems. Height 40cm. Spread 30-40cm. Flowers from May to June. Evergreen. Hardy.

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilac Fairy' Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilac Fairy'
Bishop's Mitre. A clump-forming perenial with heart-shaped green leaves, purple tinted when young. a bushy, mound of dark green leaves, bearing sprays of delicate violet-purple flowers, in mid to late spring.

Epimedium x rubrum Epimedium x rubrum
Barrenwort,Bishop's Mitre. A clump-forming perennial with heart-shaped, green leaves, bronze when young. Charming pendent, dark pink flowers lined with white when you turn them over. Height 20-30cm. Spread 30cm.Flowers from March to April. Herbaceous. Har

Geranium  'Nimbus' Geranium 'Nimbus'

Cranesbill. A pretty perennial with finely divided green leaves, golden tinged when young. Flowers purplish blue with darker veins and a small white centre. Height 30cm. Spread 80cm. Flowers from May to July. Herbaceous. Hardy.


Geranium dalmaticum Geranium dalmaticum

An evergreen perennial forming a low mat to 10cm in height, with glossy dark green, fragrant, deeply-lobed leaves and flat, clear light pink flowers 2.5cm in width.


Geranium macrorhizum 'Ingersons Variety' Geranium macrorhizum 'Ingersons Variety'

An evergreen perennial with aromatic, rounded, deeply lobed leaves and flowers 25mm in width, with pale pink petals and contrasting deep pink calyces, in early summer. 40cm in height. Shade tolerant ground cover plant. Hardy.


Geranium macrorrhizum 'Bevan's Variety' Geranium macrorrhizum 'Bevan's Variety'

Cranesbill. A spreading mat-forming perennial with aromatic evergreen leaves. Abundant clusters of deep magenta-pink flowers. Height 30-45cm. Spread 60-90cm. Flowers from June to July. Evergreen. Hardy.


Geranium phaeum 'Lily Lovell' Geranium phaeum 'Lily Lovell'

Cranesbill. A tall upright spreading geranium with light green leaves. Large rich mauve flowers. Height 80cm. Spread 40cm. Flowers from May to June. Evergreen. Hardy.


Geranium renardii Geranium renardii

 A semi-evergreen clump-forming herbaceous perennial to 30cm, with handsome grey-green, lobed and finely wrinkled basal leaves. White or pale mauve flowers 3cm in width have prominent violet veins


Geranium sanguineum var. Striatum Geranium sanguineum var. Striatum

Bloody Cranesbill. A low mat-forming geranium with finely cut foliage with pale pink, saucer-shaped flowers with darker pink veins. Height 20cm. Spread 30cm. Flowers from June to September. Herbaceous. Hardy.


Gladiolus papillio 'Ruby' Gladiolus papillio 'Ruby'
A cormous perennial, to 80cm tall, with upright, sword-shaped leaves and short spikes of ruby-red flowers in mid- to late summer.

Helenium 'Sahin's Early Flowerer' Helenium 'Sahin's Early Flowerer'
An upright herbaceous perennial. Flowers are a vibrant mix of orange and sunshine-yellow daisies, with warm-brown centres, from June until October. Every striped flower differs slightly in pattern and colour from the next. Height 120cms. Hardy. One of the best flowers for bees.

Helleborus orientalis 'Margaret Ellis' Helleborus orientalis 'Margaret Ellis'

A perennial garden plant with elegant dark red flowers, perfect for shady areas during late winter and early spring. Prefer to grow in rich, well-drained soil in dappled shade.

An extremely dark red cultivar, which my late mother had in her garden. Plant it close to the house, so that you can enjoy it all the better. I find very dark flowers tend to disappear when viewed from a distance. These fade to a paler shade as they age and the flowers face outwards nicely - not too nodding - so you are not always looking at the back of the flowers.


Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus

Daylily. A clump-forming perennial with handsome narrow leaves. Fragrant, clear bright lemon-yellow flowers in early summer. Height 1m. Spread 1m. Flowers from June to July. Semi-Evgn. Hardy.


Heuchera 'Palace Purple' Heuchera 'Palace Purple'
An evergreen, clump-forming perennials with attractive, rounded, shallowly palmately lobed leaves metallic bronze-purple, and racemes or panicles of small, tubular white flowers.

Heuchera 'Venus' Heuchera 'Venus'

Heuchera are more or less evergreen, clump-forming perennials with attractive, rounded, shallowly palmately lobed leaves and racemes or panicles of small, tubular flowers, often with colourful calyces.


Hosta  'Sum and Substance' Hosta 'Sum and Substance'
Large, elegant heart-shaped, yellow-green leaves becoming deeply puckered when mature. Pale lilac flowers in mid to late summer. Height 75cm. Spread 1.2m. Flower colour Lilac. Flowers from July to August. Herbaceous. Hardy. Shelter from cold drying winds.

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